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There is no warranty for this free software.


Downloads available on this page.


Atari-Archiv-Setup: Lastest version

8 queens puzzle:

  1. Download 8Damen.exe Api-Version (27 Kb): No installation required
  2. Download 8Damen-Setup (1,1 MB): Full installation
  3. Download 8Damen.exe (11 Kb): Only the file "8Damen.exe"

Connect four:

  1. Download 4gewinnt-Setup (1,6 MB): Full installation
  2. Download 4gewinnt.exe (24 Kb): Only the file "4gewinnt.exe"

Master Mind:

  1. Download Denkmal-Setup (1,35 MB): Full installation
  2. Download Denkmal.exe (25 Kb): Only the file "Denkmal.exe"


Download Schadenmanagement-Setup (5,37 MB): Full installation