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The C64 - Archiv
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Version 4.1

Download Win7/10: C64-Archiv 4.1-Setup (zip file: 1,96 MB):

Download XP: C64-Archiv 4.1-Setup (zip file: 2,02 MB):

Since version 4.0 the C64-Archiv requires .NET Framework 4.0 and MS Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Pack. If they aren't installed, the setup tries to download them. The C64-Archiv was tested until now with Win XP SP3, Win 7 64 bit and Win 10 64 Bit.

Please note: Former versions (3.x) of the C64-Archiv were not removed and are still executable.

During installation the settings from former versions will be imported.

Version 3.5

  1. C64-Archiv 3.5-Setup (zip file: 4,08 MB): Full setup/update with all language files
  2. C64-Archiv 3.5 Portable-Version (zip file: 5,10 MB): Portable version
  3. Gamebase v10 (zip file: 6,54 MB): Latest Gamebase64 database version 10 (05/01/2013)
  4. MD5-Hash (zip file: 0,02 MB): To produce md5 hashes you have to copy this file into the folder "Tools"


The C64-Archiv requires only a few settings. Either you use the wizard (a) at the first startup which will guide you through the configuration or you follow the steps bellow (b) to configurate the C64-Archiv manually.

(a) Startup Wizard


(b) Manually configuration

  1. Create a new database with "New"
  2. Import a C64-file with "File" or let C64-Archiv search for files in a folder with "Folder"
  3. Go to "Options", choose an emulator and change the path to your favorite emulator VICE, CCS64, HOXS64, EMU64, MICRO64 or another one
  4. Run a file in an emulator by doppelclick a file in the list or with the menu "Start" or choose another profile in the "Start"-submenu
  5. Optional (version 3.x): To use the Gamebase frontend go to "Options" and select the path to the Gamebase database (download only the database here or run the setup from Gamebase)
  6. Gamebase view: Download/run a game by doppelclick in the list
  7. Optional: To use the associated screenshots go to "Options" and select the path to the folder (download from Gamebase)