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The C64 - Archiv
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  • Why isn't it possible to start every C64-program in VICE or in HOXS with the original file?
    There a problems with these emulators to pass the correct parameters:
    - Due to a bug in VICE some names of C64-programs (primarily with special characters) aren't recognized correctly
    - In HOXS there is a problem with the fileindex

    In this case either use a profile with the parameter "UseTempFile" or follow the steps:
    1) Start the emulator with the profile "Attach"
    2) Then load the C64-program manually with LOAD "xxxx",8 from disc or with LOAD "xxxx" from tape
    3) After loading start the program with RUN

  • Why is the C64-Archiv able to create temporary files?
    Due to the above problems to start c64-programs with VICE or with HOXS from the most recently used files D64 (D71 + D81), it is possible to use the parameter "UseTempFile" in a profile. Therefore, the C64-Archiv creates an "improved" temporary file, which will be passed to the emulator.

    ATTENTION: Changes in the emulator will consequently not be saved to the original file! If you want to change a D64-file in the emulator (for example to save your revised program or the highscore of a game) you have to use a profile, which uses the original file!

  • Which emulators support the C64-Archiv?
    With the C64-Archiv it is very easy to create new profiles so it is possible to use every emulator which can be started by parameters. The C64-Archiv delivers instructions for the most popular emulators VICE, CCS64, HOXS64, EMU64 and MICRO64

  • Why the C64-programs aren't stored from TAP, VSF and C64-files?
    The C64-Archiv is only able to store the windows-filenames of these files. The C64-programs can only be read in TAP-files by emulating a C64 and their names can not be identified in VSF or in C64-files.

  • How can I restore the default profils?
    If you have changed profiles or deleted an emulator you can restore the default profiles as follows: Go to the options "emulator profiles", select the top item (="emulators") of the tree and click "new emulator". In the window "New emulator" please check the field "Create default profiles".

  • Is it possible to change the directory of D64-files?
    No (maybe in the future). With the C64-Archiv it isn't possible to change the content of the image.

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