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  • Why isn't it possible to start every C64 program in VICE/HOXS with the original file?
    There is a problems to pass the correct "petscii" filename:

    In this case either use a profile with the parameter "UseTempFile" or follow the steps:
    1) Start the emulator with the profile "Attach"
    2) Load the C64 program with LOAD "xxxx",8 from disk or with LOAD "xxxx" from tape
    3) After loading start the program with RUN

    Pleas note when using the parameter "UseTempFile"
    Changes in the emulator will consequently not be saved to the original file!

    If you want to change a D64-file within the emulator (for example to save your revised program or the highscore of a game) you have to use a profile, which uses the original file!

  • Which emulators/tools are supported?
    It is very easy to create and customize new profiles for emulator/tools which can be started by parameters. The C64-Archiv delivers instructions for the most popular emulators: VICE, CCS64, HOXS64, EMU64 and MICRO64

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