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On this page you maybe find some useful programs:

C64-Archiv (New Version 4.3.)

  • Scans and stores your C64 collection (files, screenshots, documents, media files,...)
  • File manager and disk viewer
  • Fast database to handle a huge amount of files (> 1.000.000)
  • Starts C64 images and programs in emulators:
  • Works with tools e.g.
    • C64Studio, C4Copy, D64Lister, DirMaster, ...
  • Stores C64 files:
    • CRT, D64, D71, D81, G64, LNX, NIB, P00, PRG, T64, TAP and Z64/zipcoded 4 files (1!*,...4!*)
  • Stores emulator files:
    • VSF (VICE-snapshot-file), VFL (VICE-Flipfile) and C64 (CCS64-session-file)
  • Stores picture files:
    • BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and TIFF
  • Stores text and information files:
    • PDF, TXT, NFO and DIZ
  • Stores media files:
    • MP3, MP4 and AVI
  • Searches within archiv files:
    • RAR, ZIP, 7z, GZ and LHA
  • Until Version 3.5: Gamesbase frontend (View with up to 30 columns)

8 queens puzzle

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Connect four

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Master Mind

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